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FRAGANCE DURATION approximate forty days. 8 ml refill included. QUALITY High concentrated essential oil CONTENTS Additional to the 8 ml refill the item is impregnated with essential oil. CHARACTERISTICS Position on the air vent of the car. The air freshener contents ceramic material. The porous insides give off the fragrance gradually. When the air circulates, the agreeable fragrance is diffused throughout the vehicle interior. CONTENTS OF THE KIT Perfumed ceramic item, Clip for the car air vent, Bottle of 8 ml essential oil, Instructions leaflet.


Κωδ. 2080001 - BlueΚωδ. 2080002 - Green
Κωδ. 2080003 - OrangeΚωδ. 2080004 - Red
Κωδ. 2080005 - Grey